From the DCL, Inc. Board

Our board is pleased to continue to sponsor the publication of the Merrick Washington Magazine for the blind and visually impaired (MWM). We do this in memory and in honor of the founders—Mrs. Lyda Moore Merrick (deceased) and Mr. John Carter Washington—and all of the Durham, N.C. leaders who believed in the mission and love behind this project.  In particular, we honor the memory of John H. Wheeler (deceased), who in 1969 called together the members of the Durham Colored Library Association and led the decision to bring MWM under the guidance of that organization.  We also honor the memory of Josephine Dobbs Clement (deceased), the first editorial board chair under this new arrangement, and the other members of that board: Constance Merrick Watts (daughter of Lyda Moore Merrick), John Carter Washington and W.C. Bennett (deceased). Over the years, many women’s civic organizations have also continued to lend support to MWM. We are grateful for their faith in our project and mission.

Over the next five years, the DCL board plans to redevelop its business structure to create a non-profit organization that is solidly sustainable and up-to-date with current technology. We will also increase support and readership for MWM and introduce new valuable projects that help further our commitment to our mission.  We hope you will support us as we move toward achieving these goals.

C. Eileen Watts Welch
Board Chair (Granddaughter of Lyda Moore Merrick)